Fantasia Reviews Book of the Year

It has been a long year, and though we have only been at this for four months, we have reviewed thirty books! While we will be reviewing a couple more before the end of the year, we can safely say we have read some pretty darn good books and some pretty darn bad ones. We have decided to celebrate the end of the year in our own way, by highlighting the best and the worst books we have read this year. We hope you join us at the end of December to celebrate great writing and fantastic storytelling when we highlight the best books we have read, and unveil our Book of the Year. Until then, take a look at some of the books in contention for this prize, and some who couldn’t be further from the mark.

The Good

The Bow of Destiny

The Nightmare Birds

Knight of Coins

The Rose Crown

The Bad

Elven Borne

The Flesh Merchant

The Queen’s Poisoner


The Ugly