Fantasia Reviews Severance

Severance by Haven Cage
Published 3/11/2017
Ages 16+

“In Severance, a dark, adult urban fantasy novel from the Faltering Souls series, Nevaeh has to face the overpowering gravity of her choice to save those she loves while striving for strength to fight her greatest threat—herself.

Nevaeh Richards makes her declaration. Living a life in which she has few possessions, she sacrifices the only thing of worth she has to offer—what the Dark One wants the most—all for the slim chance of redeeming the souls of George, the man who raised her, and Gavyn, the Light Celata who holds a piece of her heart.

Her gifts are unfurling now, but so is a fierce, unpredictable beast inside her. While she struggles to keep herself—and the beast—in check, she has to play the part of a Dark Celata and fulfill every wickedly tempting task the evil beings command of her. Each mission she goes on, each time she uses her gifts, the line she toes between the woman she used to be and the monster she reluctantly yearns to become grows thinner.

As Nevaeh deals with her own turmoil, Archard watches the world he’s accepted as his own begin to suffer for the mistakes he’s made. The sacred laws which segregate the realms and hinder demons from freely moving among humans are less and less effective with each passing day. He’s failed to keep Nevaeh out of Evil’s clutches, and so the shadows of Hell are creeping through. In an attempt to right his wrongs—and heal the hole in his heart—Archard chases his elusive woman, but every lead that should bring him closer to Nevaeh only ends with more questions about who she is, where she comes from, and how to save her—if he can save her at all.

Will Nevaeh survive the soul-severing decision she’s made?

Will those who love Nevaeh survive her?

Warning: This novel contains sexual content and adult language. Readers 18 years and older only. It also contains material that may be a trigger for those affected by physical, sexual, or mental abuse, or the tragic loss of a loved one. Though most readers will not likely be affected, if you suffer from PTSD or are highly sensitive in regards to these types of situations, please do not read.” – Publisher Blurb

The Review:

51FSyaka40LMiss Cage has done it again. Her unique style bubbles forth in the latest installment of the Faltering Souls series. Shifting perspectives between Neveah and Archard, we watch two stories unfold before us, each as enthralling as the other. Picking up where Falter left off, Neavah struggles against dark forces to stay true to herself and save her friends, while Archard comes to terms with the changing world and his own perceived shortcomings. We don’t want to give anything away, especially if you have not read Falter, which we highly recommend you do, but this book is a worthy successor to one of the finest urban fantasies we read last year.

The pacing is superb and the gritty styling still serves the story well. Once again, Miss Cage does not shy away from anything that might make a reader uncomfortable, avoiding the euphemisms some may prefer and instead using graphic descriptions. As her warning says, if such things disturb you, this is likely not the book for you. However, if you prefer an unabashed presentation of a dark and vibrant world, then Severance delivers just that.

The Rating: A

Severance is everything we expected it to be. Our hearts raced, even early on, as Miss Cage spelled out the dangers of her world. In terms of doing what it needed to do, it did all of that and more, setting up the series for continued success as well as proving to be a worthy follow up to Falter. Again, Neavah starts on the ropes, but through her determination, she pulls through. Archard finds his own growth, becoming a character we have come to love. With all of that done, the ending of this book will leave you yearning for more.

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