Fantasia Reviews Fugitive by Magic

Fugitive by Magic by Jasmine Walt

Genre – New Fantasy

Published 8/3/2017

Ages 16+

About the Book – A New Series in a Familiar World

What happened to Fenris after he fled Solantha? Find out in this epic new trilogy following the events of Scorched by Magic from the Baine Chronicles…

Fenris is no stranger to picking up the pieces of his life and starting over. Three years ago, he was forced to flee his life as Chief Mage of Nebara, and undergo a magical procedure that changed him into a shifter and forever altered the course of his future.

But even though adjusting to life as a shifter was hard, Fenris had friends in Solantha. This time, to save his friends from being caught up in his own troubles, he’s fled to Abbsville, a small human town with less than one-thousand people. And not a single ally to rely on.

Or so he thinks.

Not long after he arrives in town, Fenris finds himself entangled with Mina—a beautiful veterinarian with a heart of gold, and secrets lurking behind her gentle smile. Fenris knows he should stay away, but he has never been able to turn away when an innocent is in trouble. And it doesn’t take him very long to realize that Mina is in a whole world of it.

If Fenris and Mina want to keep their secrets intact, they are going to have to learn to trust each other. But trust is a hard thing to give, especially when you’ve spent your entire life running…

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a spinoff series following the events of SCORCHED BY MAGIC, Book 7 in the Baine Chronicles series. While you are not required to have read the previous series to enjoy this one, it is highly recommended that you do. Unlike the Baine Chronicles, which is written from Sunaya’s POV, this spinoff is written in dual first person POV– in other words, from the viewpoints of both Fenris and Mina. Sunaya’s series contains foul language, violence, and some adult situations, whereas Fenris’s story has tamer language but much more romance.” – Publisher’s Blurb

The Review – Fugitive by Magic Amazes All Over Again

We made it clear in our last review of Miss Walt’s work (which can be found here) that she impressed us. We had never been fans of the shifter genre of novels up until that point, but her gritty styling and imaginative world helped us see the error of our ways. Fugitive by Magic continues that trend. Though abandoning some of the harsh language in favor of a romance driven narrative, Miss Walt carries through many of the central themes of the main series, and continues to build a world the likes of which we have never seen before. Painting in vivid colors and delicate strokes, Jasmine Walt has shown us that the world we caught a glimpse of oh so many months ago was no fluke. We have fallen for Fenris just as we fell for Sunaya. We have little doubt that this series will continue to shine.

Perhaps our only gripe is that little is resolved in this first novel. However, judging by the speed at which the novels have been released, this is not a feeling that will remain. As Miss Walt continues to give us a tour of this beautiful world, we are more than happy to tag along for the ride.

The Brightside – Romance Abounds in Fugitive by Magic

Now, we are suckers for romance, all good books have a little, it is the most unifying of human experiences. However, perhaps intentionally, Sunaya’s stories have not focused on that subject. Fenris’ story changes that. We have grown to love Fenris in just this single outing in his shoes (and Mina is growing on us). Our sympathy comes from recognizing a bit of ourselves in this wolf shifter, words we never believed we would put in print. We look forward to continuing the series.

The Rating – Solid A

We saw this coming, but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to review another book by Jasmine Walt. To be honest, we may enjoy Fenris’ stories just a little more than those of Sunaya. The romance and mystery combined with the softer language definitely suits us. Good world building combined with likeable characters gives the reader much to consider and enjoy. It is not hard to get lost in Miss Walt’s world. We are certain we will do it again very soon. Why don’t you join us?

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