Fantasia Reviews Fire

Fire (The Six Elements Book One) by Rosie Scott

Genre – Epic Fantasy

Published 9/28/2017

Ages 18+

About the Book – A Special Girl in a Strange Land

“Kai Sera is an anomaly. In a world where most mages only have the ability to wield one element, she has discovered she is the only one with the capability of wielding them all: fire, earth, water, air, life, and death. Having been dropped off at the prestigious Seran University of Magic as an infant, she has no way of knowing how she obtained such power. She is raised as Seran royalty by an adoptive father who seems to only want to keep her powers hidden, and this restriction encourages her to break off on her own and seek adventure.

That is when a messenger travels to see Kai from far across the country, hinting that the answers she has long been seeking regarding her powers and parentage can still be obtained. Thus, Kai flees from the royal duties she has no interest in and sets off with her closest companions in a quest of adventure and self discovery. Some questions are best left unanswered, however. As Kai soon finds, her simple quest will have serious repercussions that will set the course for changing her–and the entire world–forever.” – Publisher’s Blurb

The Review – Fire is a Promising Start

We provide the description of the book in order to give our readers some basic insight into the work that we are about to review. While we don’t normally reiterate the details within the blurb, for Fire we will. Kai Sera is a unique person, as is customary with fantasy tales such as Fire, she has special abilities. While that is not uncommon in her world it would seem, she is more special than the rest. Alright. We are caught up.

We will be honest, we were not thrilled with the premise of Fire. It reeks of being over done and uninspired. Notice we attacked the premise of the story, not the story itself. The reality is that the blurb above does little to give the reader insight into how good this book actually is. It likely does the story, and Miss Scott, a bit of a disservice, because Miss Scott has taken something that could have been so ordinary, and made it extraordinary.

We Are Stoked by Fire

Our corny wordplay aside, we really loved this book. Kai is a fun character, but it is about more than Kai. Miss Scott has breathed life into every character she has touched.  Silas, Bjorn, Nyx, etc. are all great characters, but it is the vivid dialogue provided by Miss Scott that gives them life. With these great characters, Miss Scott then moves past what could have been, perhaps a shaky YA love story, and instead moves into something more akin to a well thought military fiction. Not perfect by any means, but still quite good, lifting the tome up above what by all means should have been a flimsy and iterative premise and created something that is not just a fun blend of genres, but something that is unique.

The Rating – A-

Not quite perfect, Fire still stacks up well when compared to other high fantasy books geared toward adults. A blend of storytelling, character-building, world-making and fights that could make a Spartan jealous, Fire is a darn fun read. Actually, it is more than fun, it is worth reading. Perhaps our only gripe with the book is with some of Kai’s internal monologue, which seemed to reiterate a few too many facts that Miss Scott was able to convey better elsewhere. We see this from time to time, when an author is not confident with their ability to show, so they do a little telling too. While both can be appropriate, Miss Scott is skilled enough that a bit more confidence could do her some good. All in all, Fire is a good start to what will be a great series.

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