Fantasia Reviews Silver and Shadows

Silver and Shadows by Tracy Sharp

Genre – Urban Fantasy

Ages 16+

Published 10/4/2017

About the Book – Not Your Average Detective

“Demons, vampires and shifters are all in a days work for occult detective, Ezra Silver. But when a cop friend comes to him with a problem of shade demons devouring the locals in the small town of Halfmoon, things get a little hairy. Ezra has his hands full juggling a possession case, an arsonist sorcerer conjuring fire devils, and an unsealed portal into hell letting demonic nasties crawl out.

With the help of a powerful Conjurer, some badass weapons, and a dash of magical talent, can Ezra find and stop the rogue sorcerer from burning up the entire town, and seal the portal before all the demons of hell are unleashed?” – Publisher’s Blurb

The Review – Fast Paced and Irreverent

Perhaps Silver and Shadow’s greatest shortcoming is the way that it sets expectations. Described as fast paced, and it certainly is, the blithe tone is unexpected. The book never takes itself too seriously, and how could it? That is probably one of the best parts. A bit pulpy at times, Silver and Shadows can feel like a run-away train with Miss Sharp at the head as a conductor. Probably our greatest disappointment is that the fast pace sacrifices character development and insight. Now this is a trade, of course, so instead of a broody and angst filled detective narrative, you get something with a bit more of an adventure feel. The lightning pace keeps things interesting, never settling in one place for too long.

Of course, the book succeeds on many levels as well. Ezra Silver is a fun protagonist, and while we may not all have his cool, identifying with him is easy enough. Miss Sharp breathes the same vibrant energy into each of her characters, though we never really feel like we get to know any of them as well as we would like.

Spicy and Fun – Silver And Shadows Delivers

Ezra and Candace are great characters. They play well off of one another, and though Ezra’s affections stretch the imagination from time to time, the relationship makes the story all the better. There is wit and humor to the dialog, which too serve to add to the story. With a healthy dose of urban fantasy staples, Silver and Shadows will delight fans of the genre.

The Rating – Solid B

There is a lot of promise in Silver and Shadows. The fast pacing serves it well, keeps the reader engaged and keeps the pages turning. At the same time, details are lost in this speedy tale. What you are left with is a hell of a ride, fun and fast, but lacking the depth that we love. Given that this is the first book in a series, we look forward to reading more about Ezra and his peculiar investigations.

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