Fantasia Reviews Changeling’s Fealty

Changeling’s Fealty by Glynn Stewart

Genre – Urban Fantasy

Published 11/13/2017

Ages 16+

About the Book – Faeries, Shifters, And Magic Oh My!

“A ragged newcomer…
With a secret even he doesn’t know
A backwater city…
With a countdown to an explosion no one is expecting
A secret Covenant…
And a conspiracy to break it to pieces

Jason Kilkenny is a new arrival in the Canadian city of Calgary. Unlike most newcomers, Jason isn’t looking for a job in oil and gas: he’s a half-fae changeling that wants to get away from the politics of the inhuman races.

He soon learns that despite being a supernatural backwater, the city is run by a near-godlike Wizard–and the shadows are full of unseen dangers. Jason’s here to hide, but he finds himself called to service by Calgary’s understaffed Fae Court.

As supernatural politics collide in his new home, Jason’s plan to keep his head down is shattered and he finds himself testing the limits of his meager gifts. He cannot run, he cannot hide…and if he loses, he loses everything.” – Publisher’s Blurb

The Review – Changeling’s Fealty is Good Though Uninspired

No doubt in our minds, Mister Stewart knows how to write a good story. We have read some of his work in the past and we have always been impressed. We’re tackling Changeling’s Fealty because of the contrast between this story and the others he has written. The plot and imagination in this tome is rather lackluster considering it comes from the same mind as Interstellar Mage.

While the story is solid, if a little tired, it is the lack of effort placed into the world building that perhaps bothers us the most. This could have been an urban fantasy written by anyone, there was little distinguishing in the pages, little that made it anything better than the sum of its parts. That being said, we liked it. We enjoyed the characterizations, we enjoyed the dialogue, we enjoyed the setting (Go Canada!) but we just couldn’t see anything original in the construction of the world, and for that, we are saddened.

Despite All of That, We Love Jason

All of Mister Stewarts characters are fantastic, but we found that Jason really resonated with us. A troubled past, uncertain parentage, willing to get in drunken fist fights and set people on fire. These are all cool things. It creates a character that is conflicted, even in the rather ridiculous and colorful setting. That being said, anyone who sets their urban fantasy in Calgary deserves some credit, so for that alone, we are thankful.

The Rating – Solid B

For some readers, this may hit the spot. Well-written with likeable and relatable characters, Changeling’s Fealty is a good read. We, however, expect more from authors. The lack of imagination placed into the fantasy elements of the story was lamentable at best. In our opinions, if you’re going to make a world, make it your own. Perhaps we are only so hard on Mister Stewart because we know that he is capable of better. All of that aside, we will definitely be continuing the series, and we think there is a good chance you’ll like the book too.

Do you want to read Changeling’s Fealty? You can find it here.