Fantasia Reviews Magic Born

Magic Born by Odette C. Bell

Monique is a witch with more than a few problems. After narrowly avoiding being sacrificed at the Vendex Academy for Magic, she had been on the run. Until now, that is. A random happening has thrust her back into the world from which she has fled.
What will become of Monique? Well, if that’s a question you had, you can relax. That won’t be answered in this short jaunt. What you will find is a world that thinks it’s considerably more developed than it is with mercurial characters that do little to add to its vividness.
It’s not all bad, however, with Monique doing her best to pull the story along. She’s probably the only compelling thing about the novel, but she can only take it so far.
On top of all of that, Magic Born suffers from a common malady among indie books. What could have been one long story has instead been chopped up into four bite-sized chunks, each demanding as much as an entire book could be worth. While we have appreciated the serial style in the past, this feels rushed and unfinished. Each ‘book’ is arbitrary, with the splits adding little if anything to the reading experience. We would hesitate the call Magic Born: Book One a complete story.

Recommended, with a Caveat

Magic Born: Book One is hardly the worst piece of fiction we’ve ever read, another book still holds that dubious distinction, and some readers may find it enjoyable. If a darkish fantasy with a strong female protagonist is your cup of tea, go ahead and check it out. Just be prepared to shell out more than a couple dollars to finish what you’ve started.