Fantasia Reviews The Severaine

The Severaine by K.J. Simmill Ages 14+ Published 9/1/2016 Check out our review of the first book of the series, Darrienia. "Sequel to the Award winning book, Darrienia. Civilisations rise and fall leaving only dust and legend in their wake. Kingdoms were lost, and races forgotten. Across the countless span of time one threat rises, … Continue reading Fantasia Reviews The Severaine


Fantaisa Reviews The Tainted Crown

The Tainted Crown by Meg Cowley Ages 14+ Published 2/27/2017 "Read the series described as "Game of Thrones for teenagers"... What is the price of kingship? The kingdom of Caledan is thrown into turmoil by the queen’s murder.  Her heir, Soren, flees with a price on his head after being framed for the killing by his … Continue reading Fantaisa Reviews The Tainted Crown

Fantasia Reviews The Crimson Queen

The Crimson Queen by Alec Hutson Ages 12+ Published 12/3/2016 "Long ago the world fell into twilight, when the great empires of old consumed each other in sorcerous cataclysms. In the south the Star Towers fell, swallowed by the sea, while the black glaciers descended upon the northern holdfasts, entombing the cities of Min-Ceruth in … Continue reading Fantasia Reviews The Crimson Queen

Fantasia Reviews Thief’s Blade

Thief’s Blade by C. Greenwood Published March 22, 2017 Ages 12+ “Luka’s carefree existence as the spoiled son of a minor noble ended the day his family was arrested and imprisoned in the Eyeless Tower. His father, a political rival to the praetor of Camdon, would never live to see freedom again. Luka should have … Continue reading Fantasia Reviews Thief’s Blade

Fantasia Reviews Severance

Severance by Haven Cage Published 3/11/2017 Ages 16+ "In Severance, a dark, adult urban fantasy novel from the Faltering Souls series, Nevaeh has to face the overpowering gravity of her choice to save those she loves while striving for strength to fight her greatest threat—herself. Nevaeh Richards makes her declaration. Living a life in which … Continue reading Fantasia Reviews Severance

Fantasia Reviews Fire Mage Reborn

Fire Mage Reborn by John Forrester Published 12/26/2016 Ages 10+ "Fire Mage Reborn includes Fire Mage and Sun Mage as one complete book.   For centuries, mages perfected magic at the Order of the Dawn. Mastery over fire, wind, and storm. They live in the last free city in a world plagued by dark sorcerers. … Continue reading Fantasia Reviews Fire Mage Reborn

Fantasia Reviews Fire Sorcerer

Fire Sorcerer by David Normoyle Ages 14+ Published 9/20/2016 "My name is Rune, and if I've learned one thing, it's not to play with fire. Magical or otherwise. The first time I used my power, I ended up burning down a mansion. The second time, an inter-dimensional elemental possessed my friend Jo. Now, with a … Continue reading Fantasia Reviews Fire Sorcerer

Fantasia Reviews Trial By Fire

Trial By Fire by Evan Tarver Ages 12+ Published 12/8/2016 "There’s a prophecy on ancient Earth that says the heavens will destroy the world and purge the planet, forcing a reluctant savior to help humanity start anew. Brekken, the most advanced city-state known to man, is believed by its citizens too powerful to be destroyed … Continue reading Fantasia Reviews Trial By Fire

Fantasia Reviews Dragon’s Dust

Dragon's Dust by Alfred Wohlmuth Age 14+ Published 1/15/2017 "Hidden in the forgotten tunnels beneath the castle of Thorilleia lies an ancient book written by a powerful wizard. Two young men set out to find the book, which is said to contain a mysterious secret. Their journey takes them across rugged mountains and through dense … Continue reading Fantasia Reviews Dragon’s Dust