Books We Love

If you’re here for reviews, you can find those here. This is just a list of books we recommend! This list is by no means exhaustive, and we will add to it and change it up regularly. Don’t be afraid to check back and find new recommendations!

Our favorite epic fantasy series to day, The Bow of Hart Saga will have diehard fantasy fans reading well into the night. Appropriate for most audiences, P. H. Solomon gives something to everyone, but fans of the work of R. A. Salvatore will thoroughly enjoy this series.

The prelude to what promises to be the ultimate dark fantasy, Valguard: Knight of Coins is a great read, even if a tad on the short side. That being said, David Humphrey is working tirelessly to produce Ten of Swords, a book that we anxiously await.

A good take on dark fantasy, and something to tide you over until Ten of Swords is finished, The Eighth God by Paul Lavender is an excellent choice for these shortening days and darkening nights. Full of adventure, it is not afraid to remind us of how terrible people can be.

A gem of a YA fantasy series, Strange Luck is a good book for those looking to read a refreshing take on a tired genre. Amie Irene Winters delivers timeless tales with vivid characters and an astounding imagination.

A new series to grace the halls of the books that we adore, Jordan Rivet is a former fencer who isn’t afraid to bring pieces of her history into her work. Needless to say, Duel of Fire is all the better for it. We won’t spoil it, but Duel of Fire also falls in to the category of YA so good it reminds us of what the entire genre ought to be. Also, Jordan Rivet builds worlds better than anyone, and her eye for detail reminds us of the likes of Piers Anthony, although in a much more safe-for-work sort of way.

Seriously funny, Empireland is the most humerous book we have read in ages. Aptly compared to Hitchhikers Guide, this irreverent take on the fantasy tale will be sure to delight genre lovers and those who enjoy a good satire.

An adult fantasy with some serious world building, Jasmine Walt was the first to show us that shifters can exist outside of romance novels. The Baine Chronicles series is dark, witty, and charming. We don’t have much to compare it to, but we mean it when we say that it’s meant for adults! That being said, it is a great series for anyone who enjoys strong female protagonists and vivid, changing worlds.