Fantasia Reviews Eretriah Online

Eretriah Online by Angel Nersus

Genre – Fantasy LitRPG

Published 10/8/2017

Ages ??

About the Book – More RPG than Lit

“Anya has never played a video game before and now, on her first day in Eretriah Online, she is losing a fight against some slimes. Thaezos, a dwarf and experienced player, helps her.

In the year 2057, many countries have gone bankrupt. Powerful multinational corporations control governments from their megalopolises and in the remaining territories, living conditions are hard and almost unbearable.
When Black Scythe releases the first VR-MMORPG, Eretriah Online, many citizens think that it can be their opportunity to thrive. Thaezos, the leader of a gang, has some suspicions about the new technology and resolves to play. Anya is the hope of her family because she is one of the few fortunate girls that can attend high school. Her parents decide that she has to play the game.

When Thaezos saves her, what he cannot imagine is that the red-haired girl who owns the so-called ‘useless magic’ has the potential to become one of the most overpowered sorceresses of Eretriah.” – Publisher Blurb

The Review – Eretriah Online; Heavy On Numbers, Light On Adventure

Where to even begin. We have had this book on the back burner for a few weeks now. Since we are newcomers to the genre, so we wanted to give the book time to sit and percolate in our minds. We can say unequivocally that it did not help our opinions of it. Eretriah Online is a rough read. LitRPG’s are often given a bit of leeway in their execution, but no number of allowances can make up for this hot mess of a book. In need of a good editor, Eretriah Online has more spelling errors than a primary school essay concerning Kant’s Categorical Imperative. The is as substantial as the ghost of a jellyfish and what is there is so elementary that it is not close to redeeming.

The dialog is little better than white noise, and Anya is as much of a main character as a finger with a face drawn on it.

Eretriah Online is Half-hearted and Half-Baked

We scoured the pages of this book for anything good to say, and sadly, we came up short. The length of the book is padded with the RPG elements, making it a much shorter read than it appears to be. At it’s core, there are good ideas, but none so imaginative that we haven’t seen them done better elsewhere. If this is the beginning of a series, it is a disappointment.

The Rating – F

Eretriah Online has the dubious distinction of earning the rare F grade. We don’t give this rating with glee. Every book that we read we want to like. A tome full of grammar and spelling errors, Eretriah Online has nothing to redeem the padded length of this boring slog of a read. While we can’t recommend Eretriah Online, if you do read it, let us know what you think!

Do you want to read Eretriah Online? If you find yourself on a desert island with nothing else to read, you can find it here.